Our automatic driving school in Birmingham has been helping new drivers pass their test in the UK for a number of years. We prepare our candidates for the theoretical and practical tests. And our aim is to build up their confidence in many different driving situations for future purposes.

Finding the right female instructor can be difficult with so many driving schools out there. Wherever you live, with our professional and friendly instructors, you will enjoy a relaxed, positive and encouraging environment as you learn how to drive. Our friendly and professional instructors are available for appointment every day of the week, including Sundays.

Driving Lessons Birmingham is one of the largest driving schools in Birmingham and is arguably the most progressive. But seriously, the reason why our School has become so successful is because we deliver great value for our customers. Our team of fully qualified female driving instructors will ensure that you feel comfortable during every driving lesson which may be automatic or manual, develop your driving skills and help you succeed and pass your test.

We are certainly not trying to be the cheapest Driving School! We believe the old saying: "You get what you pay for" The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency recommends 47 hours of professional tuition to pass your test. The practical test today is very different from that of a generation ago (parents please note!). Proper, structured training prepares you for the test in the most efficient way and Driving Lessons Birmingham will give you safe-driving-skills-for-life. If lessons look so cheap that it looks 'too good to be true', there will be a reason why they are cheap.

Our mission is to teach you to safe automatic driving skills. In addition, we have provided some information on accident hotspots which are simply highlighting areas that require additional care and attention and by bringing these to your attention; you can familiarize yourself with them and perhaps practice them with your instructor too. We teach you the basics of learning to drive and our highly trained instructors take you through the steps methodically and expertly.

Good luck with your lessons and remember when you are driving, it’s always better to get there late than not at all. Drive safe.

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